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Some links and resources from the presentation and report for a Vision on Bamboo Live given by Ianus Keller and Bastiaan Terhorst on April 9, 2008 at Wacom Europe.

wacom bamboo

We presented our vision for how Bamboo Live could make it easier for people to start using the Bamboo (through our notion of glanceable interaction). By making Bamboo Live an open platform, this could also make it easier for developers of applications, web apps and web services to get access to Bamboo users with small mini-applications.

Download Bamboo Live Vision Report (PDF, 3 Mb)

To read the background and the solutions, explore this five-page annotated report (3 Mb) with background, rationale, examples and many interesting hyperlinks.

As an illustration for our proposed solution for Bamboo Live with the so-called Penamajams, watch the movie embedded below.

Another animated example (embedded below) of what a Penamajam for Bamboo Space would look, feel and act like.

Finally you look around in my Bamboo Space I prepared all the work for this presentation. You may need an invitation, feel free to make annotations (with your name).

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