About Ianus Keller

Updated, hypertexted and illustrated version of the bio as it appeared in the PhD Thesis.

Balkenende with Cabinet

In 1995 Ianus Keller (born August 2, 1970) receives his masters Industrial Design at the Delft University of Technology, where he also works at the student union’s VSSD Computer Shop, selling and supporting Macintosh computers. In 1994 he participates in the Apple Interface Design Project where he is invited to present the team’s results at the Apple Advanced Technology Group at Cupertino, California, USA.

In 1995-1999 he works for the Dutch design company Landmark Design & Technology, in Rotterdam, and at an internet consultancy Virtual Affairs, in Amsterdam.

In November 1999 he starts his PhD project and Cabinet. During his PhD project he acts as a teacher and adviser in different design related classes. In 2003 he coordinates an interface design project similar to his project from a decade before, for the Microsoft Research Design Expo, Seattle, Washington, USA.

At the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, his Cabinet is a showcase for research. It is regularly shown in presentations. In 2005 Cabinet wins the international design competition at the Third International Conference on Appliance Design in Bristol, UK.

As an independent designer and consultant he participates in juries and brainstorm sessions. He is an invited speaker at cultural and academic institutes. Starting in 2007 he teaches the cross-disciplinary influences of technology on creative disciplines at the Willem de Kooning Academy. Since 2008 Ianus organizes the lecture series This happened – Utrecht that explores the making of interactive projects through successful examples.

In 1998 Ianus marries Anneke. They live with their daughter Kris (1999), son Boris (2001) and daughter Liz in the 800 years old town of Dordrecht, running a non-profit modern art gallery on the side. When their third child Liz arrives, the family moves to his roots in the countryside of the Netherlands.


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The design expos have never been the same without you. Joy Mountford

A truly serendipitous designer: always able to stumble upon great finds, integrating different fields. Pieter Jan Stappers in his laudation

Ianus thinks out of the box that out-of-the-box-thinking came in. Rein Hintzen