Bill Buxton

On Wednesday, February 1, 2006. Ianus Keller was invited by one of his interface heroes Bill Buxton to meet and talk about his research at Microsoft Research Cambridge

Microsoft Research Cambridge

In December 2005 Bill Buxton took on the job of Principal researcher at Microsoft and is now traveling in and out the different Microsoft research facilities to stimulate them, share his thoughts and ideas and communicate their work. Just like For Inspiration Only, isn’t it?

In February 1, 2005, after a brief email conversation, Ianus Keller was invited to fly over to Cambridge, UK to show the research work and meet the other interesting people of the Socio-digital Systems group.

The meeting was great, dinner was lovely and Bill was truly inspirational, yet the most impressive was the short Martini encounter with Liz Russ

Update: On March 13, 2006, Bill Buxton returned the favor by flying over to the ID-StudioLab and have a tour of the facilities and give a talk about interaction design and research.