BrightLive ’06

On Friday, December 1, 2006, the Bright Beta part of BrightLive will be curated by For Inspiration Only and will include the Cabinet prototype and premiere the “Panamorphosis table” with Aldo Hoeben’s fieldOfView

Setting up

Dutch tech/life/style magazine Bright has asked For Inspiration Only to be the curator of everything new coming from the academic world for their digital lifestyle playground, creative design expo and cutting-edge technology show called BrightLive

To get a nice overview different institutes and art academies have been asked to represent their work.

The final selection consists of yours truly with Cabinet, Daniel Saakes with Skin 2.0, Dennis Luijer with Jam, Olger Star with Scatch and Robin Slierendregt with pi.

As a special surprise, fieldOfView and For Inspiration Only are working together to present an anamorphic, panoramic, video table: the Panamorphosis table.

Update: The big day was a huge success for everyone (almost). Check out the panoramas, Bright photos, Flickr photos and my photos.