Research assessment

Starting on December 6, 2006 For Inspiration Only will coordinate, edit and design the self-assessment report for the faculty of Industrial Design at the TU Delft as part of the research visitation over the period of 2001-2006.

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As of December 2006, For Inspiration Only will return to TU Delft’s faculty of Industrial Design Engineering to work with the Dean on the self assessment report for the visitation of the research over the 2001-2006 period. It will mean I will have to work with all the professors and program leads to get a good overview of the results. It will also involve getting all the “raw data”, such as number of publications, funding and other performance values.
I hope I will end up with a good looking, well edited book filled with a huge amount of information, references and other documentation.

Update: The report was finished in September 2007 and on November 20, 21 and 22, 2007, the Review Committee visited the TU Delft’s facilities. Though the final feedback has not yet been given out, I have overheard these random snippets from the committee.

…the effort that was put into the attractive self-assessment report were much appreciated by the Committee.

The work of PJ Stappers’ group is quite mature and has become internationally known for its mix of human-centred investigation in conjunction with technological options for demonstrating design solutions. Both the research publications and design activities in this area are noteworthy.

And last but not least for my own ego:

Another way in which the research is judged by the outside world is through the designs set out in the world… One of the research prototypes, Cabinet, was demonstrated as a TU Delft innovation to the Dutch Innovation Platform, a Dutch strategic team with members from the cabinet, including the prime minister and captains of industry and the scientific world.