My friend and fellow entrepreneur Philine van der Vegte has just launched an interesting new product: the MacCover. A natural felt cover for your Black or White MacBook in 7 cool colours. Get yours now at

Easy airport security

I just received the latest Supernana newsletter and it mentioned a very nice product to both protect, personalize and humanize your latest piece of slick white technology. Of course it can also protect a MacBook Pro, a Tablet PC or even one of those Dell laptops.

n MacCover colours

With the thick felt cover it will protect your laptop against bumps and scratches. Also, it will keep it nice and warm.

The MacCover is made by the very nice Supernana. They create these and many other products locally, on a small scale with a dedicated, passionate group of women. Their other products are targeted at children, but with a quality that can last over many generations. I can’t see my laptop withstand time over generations, but it will hold out longer than without one.

Order yours now, mention my name in the email and it might just earn me one of these amazing podcovers (nano nano)!