Visiting LUST exhibition

On invitation by Piet Westendorp we were invited to visit the very impressive interactive Generation Random 10 years LUST at the <>TAG gallery in The Hague on Friday, March 30, 2007.


The exhibition consisted of a tabletop display, which contained visual presentations of the work done by Dutch graphic design agency Lust over the last 10 years. Information can be accessed by taking a labeled box from the archive and placing it on the table. Very smoothly the contents then flows out of the archive box. By touching the table the contents could be rearranged, viewed, stacked and zoomed.

The interface definitely had some nice parallels with Cabinet. As elaborated on in the very nice presentation visitors automatically assume the interface also suppports a multi-touch interaction, which in today’s hype features as a sign of coolness.

Best of it all, with all this wonderful interaction and finesse, the presentation did not distract too much from the very fine work developed over the last decade by the guys from Lust. Impressive stuff!