I \xE2\x99\xA5 ISM

I never would have thought I would say it about a big “full service web agency”, but ISM eCompany stole my heart today with their full service approach.

Van Nelle facade

On Tuesday, May 22, 2007, I had an appointment with the people from ISM eCompany to look at their preliminary interface designs for one of my clients. Such a design review in itself can be quite awkward if you have a stubborn designer, but in my earlier contacts with them on another project I already knew them to be quite open and even thankful for my suggestions.

The appointment for the interface design review was originally set on May 15 at the ISM headquarters in the Van Nelle Ontwerpfabriek. Their offices are on the exact spot where the exhibition was of the Dutch Electronic Arts Festival in 2004. Ahh, the memories!

Now, just before Ascension Day the appointment was postponed until the 22nd of May. When I arrived in Rotterdam, right on time, I found out to my dismay that not only the date but also the location had been changed to Sassenheim.

As I was looking for transportation alternatives, the nice people of ISM provided me with a full service solution: a Toyota Prius to drive myself over there. Though I did arrive somewhat later, it was a great experience to test drive such a hybrid car.

Arriving there (50 minutes later) I found out that ISM offers these kinds of solutions regularly to their clients. They told me about how they immediately replaced a client’s broken mobile phone, which had fallen during a meeting. At the end of the meeting I was even driven back home to Dordrecht by ISM designer Sjack.