il Metodo di Passione

On Thursday, June 21, 2007, Ianus Keller will be giving an energizing intermezzo at the Dutch CHI Conferentie on methods for designing interfaces in Eindhoven. Ianus will be supported by Dennis Luijer on Cintiq and Pieter Diepenmaat on samples. Even better… Waldorf is there! And we will have live coverage!

Man in a white suit!

I will not go into details of our presentation itself, just tune in at City TV, at the CHI conference site or right here below. More will follow, it may be chaotic, it may be off-topic, but we will be passionate!

Update: All went well and you can now watch the video registration on I also embedded the Intermezzo below. Just click on play to see the rerun (or look at the original slides in parallel):

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To find out why I am referring to Tjeerd Hoek during the Intermezzo you can best watch the first keynote and if you want even more you can also watch the closing session which includes me, Tjeerd Hoek and Marc Hassenzahl discussing quotes laid out by Gerrit van der Veer. Meanwhile Dennis is making comments on the slides presented there (they will be posted).