Touching the iPhone

Through a friend living in the USA, I was able to temporarily get my hands on an iPhone. Though I could not use the phone capabilities, merely the music, photo and web applications were sufficient to win me over. I would love to build a tiny Cabinet for this little fellow.

About me on an iPhone

Though I am not automatically a fan of the industrial design of the product (nor the complete range of new iPods for that matter), the iPhone interface quickly makes you forget its physicality. The product, truly is a window towards the music, photos or the internet.

With the interface it is just a joy to flip switches on and off, turn the device around for optimal viewing and typing on the impossibly small keyboard. The quality of YouTube content is oddly better than on the web, but the greatest thing on the iPhone is scrolling and zooming in on web pages. I especially enjoyed browsing through the horizontally scrolling news page at fieldOfView as you can see in the video below:

But seeing is believing: either on video or in photos.