ONE by Beingserved

For Inspiration Only is working with beingserved on their elegant, simple, crossmedia retail solution ONE.

ONE by seingserved

ONE is a combination of a shelf, on which products can be presented, with a dynamic display behind it, on which more information about the products themselves, the brands and the relationships between the products can be provided. Because ONE knows when products are taken from the shelf, it also allows for some very simple, intuitive interactivity. To explain it best, either go to the online presentation of ONE or watch the YouTube movie embedded below:

I do know of several other attempts to bring interactivity to retail and to combine physical products with projected additional information but none of them have been so solid in both physical and digital appearance. The combination of product and service by beingserved really makes it one of the first of such ventures to be commercially viable. It could be a nice addition to the next DWB showroom especially that their next collection has a very apt title.