Wii’re at Zefir7

Thursday, January 17, 2008, Aldo Hoeben and Bastiaan Terhorst will be showing off some of their experiments using the technology we have all gotten to know and love from the Nintendo Wii at the informal opening event of the year by Zefir7 in Theater Zeebelt in Den Haag.


The organization of this event is done by Lust, whom I previously met at their Generation Random exhibition. On request by Lust, I invited Aldo Hoeben and Bastiaan Terhorst to show their projects that draw inspiration or could be associated with the Wiimote technology. Let me briefly introduce them with associated videos.

Aldo Hoeben will be showing his accelerometered panoramic technology, with which you can use a TabletPC as a virtual window onto a photographic panorama.

Bastiaan Terhorst will be demonstrating a project in which infrared camera detection is used to play Super Mario with your hand and voice.

My role will be merely to give some context and background surrounding alternative interfaces. If you can, meet us there at 20:30 and I will probably beat you in Wii Sports Tennis.

Update: It was an extremely nice evening with a great audience, nice atmosphere and at the end a great Wii Sports Tennis competition as the highlight. I will try to find some more photos and images from the evening, but for now this slideshow should give you some sort of idea. My slides are also available online.