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An overview of the people, technologies and tools involved in building this site

Home alone

This site was designed and developed by Bastiaan Terhorst in August until November of 2006. We are hoping to get an article out in Inspiration to explain the whole design process. The idea is that the site is divided in a reflective, well-thought out part called Sources of inspiration. A section where I look back on design processes, results and experiences in such a way that it becomes a nice inspiraitonal narrative. The other section called News simply tells the latest of what I and my company are up to.

This site is hosted by TextDrive in their infamous hosting for life plan. I originally intended to host a TextPattern powered blog there, but luckily we ended up with Radiant running on the Ruby with them hip Rails. Images are hosted, scaled and archived by flickr (mainly the For Inspiration Only account). Feel free to comment there.

The authoring tools to create the content of this site are pen and paper, my trusted iMac G5 and the new macBook, iPhoto, Adobe Illustrator, OmniOutliner and a little bit of iMovie.


For Inspiration Only
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Nice website bw! Very up-to-date web standards (i) like :) Tim van den Bosch