About For Inspiration Only

This is the place where Ianus Keller works on tools for inspiration. The place where Ianus Keller can be hired for design, research and lecturing work. The place where Ianus Keller can tell his stories about his earlier work.

Ianus in his defence

About Ianus Keller

Ianus Keller (PhD or Dr. Ir.) is a product designer with a background in designing for interaction, designing for the public space and designing from the context of use. Ianus Keller is a design researcher with a strong focus on research through design, contextual inquiry and developing knowledge through prototyping. Ianus Keller offers his knowledge and experience to companies and organizations to better understand the motives of their users and to design products, services and environments that optimize the overall user experience. Read more about Ianus Keller

About tools

With For Inspiration Only Ianus Keller wants to give you better tools. Tools are products that become valuable by the way you use them. Good tools extend your capabilities. Great tools go beyond that and allow you to create things you or any other haven’t even thought of. For Inspiration Only wants to create tools that inspire, enable and empower you.
The most succesful and prominent tool is Cabinet. A tool that helps designers grow and organize their collections of visual material for inspiration. It was part of Ianus Keller’s PhD research entitled For Inspiration Only.

About you

So, if you are in need of inspiration, if you need a usability expert to comment on your ideas or if you need to get access to a network of creative people, For Inspiration Only is the place to be. Ianus Keller can be hired to develop tools, consult on design, give lectures, curate events, design and perform research on products, users and the interaction between them. His clients consist of Philips, Meerstad, Stroom, Bright, TU Delft, TU Eindhoven, HKU, BINK Software, Akzo Nobel, Microsoft Research and Yahoo!
Before there was For Inspiration Only, Ianus Keller worked closely with many other companies such as KPN, Organon, Saab, Kennisnet, Unilever, Apple, Microsoft, Dutchtone, AD, Het Parool, Fabrique, NPK, Landmark, Flex and many, many others.
His network of peers consists of interesting people and companies such as fieldOfView, JAM, Blubase, Tempel, 3komma14, Pieter Diepenmaat, vivified and again many, many others.


For Inspiration Only
Kerkeinde 46
4254 LE Sleeuwijk, The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 183 510 621
Mobile: +31 6 22 51 22 24


Your research explores a tool that is obscure but incredibly powerful with a very rich history. Brenda Laurel on Cabinet

Ianus is a great sparring partner, with solid knowledge and always with the finger on the pulse.

Marcel Vroom on Ianus Keller

An inspiring thesis from an inspiring dr. ir. Tjeerd Hoek on my thesis