In which I talk about the final prototype from the PhD project that finalized my research and sparked the company For Inspiration Only.

Van Luijk

Short version

Cabinet is a tool that helps designers collect and organize the visual material for inspiration. It does this by making the interaction with digital material more physical (designers can drag digital images on a table as if they are real objects) and by offering a fluent way to add physical material to the digital collection (anything placed on the table is digitized and projected in place, and can be added to the collection). For more information see this demo or visit the Cabinet website at the ID-StudioLab:

Christmas Cabinet

Christmas Cabinet

I now realize that I am working with visual material daily … but I knew that in some way already
Roy Gilsing, WAAC’s

Cabinet prototype#gallery,2004:/photo/363272/in/set-8723Cabinet in use#gallery,2004:/photo/363281/in/set-8723Balkenende with Cabinet#gallery,2004:/photo/1449042/in/set-8723Cabinet Economics#gallery,2004:/photo/1464949/in/set-8723Virtual Cake#gallery,2004:/photo/867607/in/set-8723Donald Norman with Cabinet#gallery,2004:/photo/1366474/in/set-8723Where are the crayons#gallery,2004:/photo/550323/in/set-8723Cabinet conversations#gallery,2004:/photo/538916/in/set-8723Cabinet in use#gallery,2004:/photo/460417/in/set-8723Cabinet in use#gallery,2004:/photo/460418/in/set-8723Cabinet in use#gallery,2004:/photo/2977093919/in/set-8723Projecting on foam#gallery,2004:/photo/2977955330/in/set-8723Exploded view Cabinet#gallery,2004:/photo/2977956576/in/set-8723Adding physical material#gallery,2004:/photo/2977958030/in/set-8723Pointing and moving images#gallery,2004:/photo/2977962398/in/set-8723Grouping#gallery,2004:/photo/2977108217/in/set-8723
Pictures of the Cabinet