Provoking Human Technology

On Tuesday, March 4, 2008, Ianus Keller gave a two hour lecture about Trends in Interfaces at the Human Technology Master study of the Haagse Hogeschool. This gave me a chance to put different aspects of my work on Cabinet in perspective with several other trends in interface and interaction design.

DEN HAAG: Haagse Hogeschool

In a set of slides filled with movies and pictures of examples of my work and related work, I gave my perspective on trends in interfaces, including the themes: multitouch, expressive interfaces, scales of interaction and bridging the physical-digital divide. The slides (61 Mb, interactive quicktime) are embedded below or can be downloaded here. Click on the image to advance the slides.

In the master, these students are trained to look at interfaces from an evaluative perspective, such as checking if the interface meets the expectations of the users. As my talk was about fulfilling unmet needs and taking a step beyond the expected, some students described my talk as “provocative”, which I will regard as a compliment.