Felting the web and beyond

On Monday, November 3, 2008, the first Dutch version of This happened will take place in Utrecht. I am proud to be co-organizing this event with Kars Alfrink and Alexander Zeh. Yesterday Kars announced the first speaker and today I have the privilege to announce the second speaker.

Embroidered logo

After the fabulous Ronimo Games story, today we will be adding Philine van der Vegte of Supernana and MacCover to the lineup of speakers. I have talked about the MacCover product here before, but on November 3, Philine will focus on the felt Minicard holder.

Well that’s just some cloth around some businesscards! What’s so special about that?— You?

Exactly this simplicity and development within constraints makes this an interesting story. The header image already shows some of the iterations she has gone through. Beyond these production details we have the match of MacCover with Moo, who are riding on the back of Flickr’s success with some similarly simple, yet wonderful products. This match between Moo and supernana can also be found in their sweating the details, such as hidden suprises, unpacking experiences, personal notes and tone-of-voice.

Putting this all in the context of her Philine’s personal background, where she left a very comfortable position at Volvo to create handmade products from natural materials instead of throw-away products, making supernana a prominent member of the Sustainable fashion community. It is exactly this kind of lasting value, sustainability and care that the interaction design community has been looking for the last decade.

That’s all for this speaker. We hope you like the mix, which will be even more varied after you read the next speaker, who will be announced tomorrow Alexander will be announcing his speaker for This happened over at Data Overload.

MiniCards unpacking experience#gallery tag:flickr.com,2004:/photo/513469592/in/set-72157600264437877Supernana to scale#gallery tag:flickr.com,2004:/photo/513507025/in/set-72157600264437877Begin here supernana#gallery tag:flickr.com,2004:/photo/513512861/in/set-72157600264437877Supernana spaceship#gallery tag:flickr.com,2004:/photo/513472074/in/set-72157600264437877Supernana logo#gallery tag:flickr.com,2004:/photo/513510139/in/set-72157600264437877Card coming out#gallery tag:flickr.com,2004:/photo/513511523/in/set-72157600264437877Spaceships#gallery tag:flickr.com,2004:/photo/907923359/in/set-72157600264437877Drop and ring#gallery tag:flickr.com,2004:/photo/908783328/in/set-72157600264437877Embroidered logo#gallery tag:flickr.com,2004:/photo/907934571/in/set-72157600264437877Colours#gallery tag:flickr.com,2004:/photo/907918901/in/set-72157600264437877100% Wool#gallery tag:flickr.com,2004:/photo/908792202/in/set-72157600264437877
Supernana MiniCard holder